NamePosition(s)Fun Facts
Grant Chapman (#27)PStarted playing baseball in kindergarten
Post High School Plans: Attend and play football at the University of South Dakota
Mason Hoheisel
1B, PIs a twin
Post High School Plans: Attend Metropolitan Community College and play baseball
Reagan Reeder (#21)3B, PWas 5’10 as a freshman
Post High School Plans:
Baseball at Illinois


NameGradeFun Fact
Violet Hamacher11
Monica Hertling11
Kaci Manthey11


NamePosition(s)Fun Facts
Zachary Abrahamson (#4)LF, CF, RF, 2B, PLoves to collect baseball cards
Post High School Plans: Committed to Hamline University for baseball
Sawyer Chell (#13)CFLoves the boys
Post High School Plans: Going to St. Olaf to play baseball and football
Will Czech (#15)LF, UtilityHas broken his nose playing baseball
Post High School Plans: Play baseball at UW-Superior and study Business or Finance
Louis Hertling (#14)P, 3B, OF, 1BNever broken a bone
Post High School Plans: Minnesota Post Grad and Inver Hills Community College
Max Hoheisel (#31)P, 1BEnjoys golfing
Post High School Plans: Finance degree at NDSU
Fred Huebner (#5)SSCan juggle
Post High School Plans: Go to Morris College and play baseball
Logan Jungling (#18)RF, LFPost High School Plans: Playing football at Wartburg
Cham Kouame (#2)SSSpeaks French
Post High School Plans: Heading to UND to be a Commercial Aviation Pilot
Noah Thelen
CLoves watching grass grow, is an avid Bigfoot hunter, most money he’s won on a scratch off was $2
Post High School Plans: Attend the U of M to study fisheries, wild, & conservation biology


NamePosition(s)Fun Facts
Evan Freking (#12)3B, PIs a big fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes
Trevor Lang (#4)LF, OFHas played every position in baseball throughout his life
Parker Nedland (#10)PIs a hockey captain
Tyler Pocta (#32)2B, 3BPlays guitar
Jackson Provoncha (#8)OFPlays hockey
Alex Quist (#22)SS, 2BLikes cars


NamePosition(s)Fun Facts
Mason Briese (#44)1BDoesn’t like potatoes (just mashed potatoes are ok)
Luke DeChene (#9)CIs a pro at Mario Kart
Luke Folstrom (#14)SS, P, 2BPitches with both hands
Ryan Kraemer (#11)3B, RFIs an Eagle Scout
Jordan Sandoval (#41)C, LF, RFHas a black belt in karate


NamePosition(s)Fun Facts
Cayden Ban (#10)SS, 2BPlays 3 sports
Luca Fanucci (#22)C, 2BAlso plays Anoka football
Jonas Haugh (#32)P, 3BLoves tomatoes
Logen Jaeger (#13)CBow hunts
Cameron Jensen (#4)2B, PIs a big Timberwolves fan
Jackson Justus (#21)P, SSHas red hair and blue eyes, which is pretty rare (he guesses)
Devon Luckas (#10)OF, PPlays 3 sports
Carson Nedland (#8)P, 1BIs a natural lefty, fielding and hitting
Mason O’Connor (#9)1B, P, OFWas at Cub when he wrote this
Jayson Schoppe (#33)2B, LFHas a scar on his arm and can move it
Logan Stradtmann (#24)RF, LFHas 3 siblings
Ryan Tatkenhorst (#27)3BKnows how to play the piano
Tanner Telander (#19)2B, LFHad to take two years off of baseball because of his knee
Blake Weinhold (#7)2B, CFIs good at bunting